GEL – Software

We call our unique set of software and services The GEL – The Granular Execution Lens

At the core of the GEL is our smart software set that becomes your single ‘strategy to execution’ information lens

SixEdge Software

  • is flexibly mapped (not cascaded) to the specific way your organisation actually gets things done – the real people, the real relationships, the real culture
  • houses, links and heat-maps the strategy and project related information leaders need to know
  • can plug in to existing systems and tools such as existing BI and Project Management solutions to give leaders a seamless and increased resolution of how the organisation is delivering  at any given time
  • is available to all relevant leaders, Board members or even outside regulators as deemed necessary and relevant
  • provides a snapshot of leadership culture, contribution and collaboration

Using this software, the leadership tier of an organisation can see – often for the very first time – just where and how strategy is actually being delivered (or not!) across the organisation in real time, not just at quarterly ‘deep dives’. 

This reduces duplication of effort in report writing and data gathering, allows for faster decision making and decreases organisational risk.