Here are the principles at the core of our approach.


More granularity is good right? Only when combined with the ‘Goldilocks Principle’: we find the ‘just right’ level of granularity to use as the primary view in the GEL. It can be variations or combinations of organisational units, investments, markets, strategy themes,… ‘just right’ means no analysis paralysis, just a clearer better view of success and the plan to get there across the whole portfolio.

But you also need…


Granularity is not usable or useful unless some smart standardisation is applied so you can ‘navigate the nodes’ and make sense of the increased resolution – including comparisons across the portfolio and out to external benchmarks/targets.

The next step is…


..of the GEL into everything you do to drive and manage execution: governance and leadership forums, strategy articulation, performance management, communication, investment. The view is designed to support all of this and is flexible enough to emphasise the most important elements in a given scenario.

And on this foundation you can lead with unprecedented


Get the portfolio view right then get it out there. Autonomy and trust can be built on a complete and clear view of focus areas, success definitions, and work priorities. There is more and clearer accountability, but this is an empowering and collaborative way to work and deliver.