How the Granular Execution Lens breaks down silo’s

The challenge of governing and managing a firm where work and accountability is spread across many organisational units – and where customer outcomes are delivered horizontally across lower layers – is significant.

Traditional approaches privilege aggregation of information into hierarchy verticals and therefore do not allow sufficient resolution to understand how performance measurement and incentives are working.

Ad-hoc ‘deep-dives’ into specific portfolio issues are limited by the fact that they are ad-hoc; it is now clear that a rolling schedule of reviews is not an optimised system of governance or management.

Regulators have insufficient insight into the conduct of organisations and executives are unable to see the full extent of the conduct (and drivers thereof) that occurs at lower levels. 

The SixEdge Granular Execution Lens (GEL) is explicitly designed to work against ‘the pathology of hierarchy’. Key data across all important dimensions of sustainable strategy execution is mapped (not cascaded) to a primary granular view of the organisation and its strategic themes.

This provides a view on execution that lines up with how an organisation actually executes its strategy: a combination of vertical and horizontal relationships, leadership and management (more like a network than a pyramid).

A demo of the GEL app brings it all to life – contact us for a conversation.